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The life of an idiot: The Teenage Girl

19th August, 2004. 8:57 pm. Second Dat o' School

Well to sum up highschool in one word: Borin!! Omg It is so effing boring you have no clue! Well I usually hate math but I like my math teacher cause he auctually explaines things in a way I can auctually understand!! WOAH! Shock me! And I'm auctually starting to like french after I despised it last year. So thats good! But I'm also really happy because my Role Play group will have been together for a year! GO US!!

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15th August, 2004. 8:16 pm. GAAAHHH!!!

I hate my mouth!! Cause it still hurts!! Why does it still hurt?!?! And my mouth is sitll swolen and I have highschool orentation tomarrow which I will have to face with oversized cheeks and a lisp! GREAT! Why did I have to get my wisdom teeth removed during summer? Why couldn't I have at least missed a few days of school for it?! ::Sigh:: Well maybe something good with come of this... I was thinking of making a necklace out of one of my teeth just to freak people out :P I'm such a wierdo!

Current mood: sore.

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12th August, 2004. 10:43 pm. Wisdom Teeth blow

GAAHH! Why did God curse us with wisdom teeth?! Well I finally got them out today... and my mouth is very very sore... but Kelsey made me feel loads better cause she brought me a little present to help me pass the time. Like silly puddy, and a magazine and tylenol!! SCORE!! Just shows you what wonderful friends I have! ::Hugs Kelsey:: It was funny though when I was in the dentists office he gave me this little shot thingy and was like you're going to feel very relaxed in about 30 seconds and like two seconds later I was thinking yeah your right... and thats the last thing I remember.. It's wierd cause I don't remember falling asleep and I don't remember waking up... but I vaugely remember (if I wasn't just imagining it) getting out of the car. So now I'm sitting here legally drugged and hanging out online! Funfun huh?
<3 Kallyn

Current mood: sore.

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8th August, 2004. 8:31 pm. Just hanging out... cause I'm bored... yeah....

Well today has been one of the days... those boring days where you walk around in a pair of jeans and your bath robe all day long. So anyway if anyone caring to read this has read the Tamora Pierce books let me just say that Alanna and Myles are the coolest! But George Cooper is cooler. He is so cool that I decided to base a role play character after him lol! And by the way my rp George has got his memory back but now the girl he likes hates him.... damn... Well anyway if anyone has anything interesting to say write me a little message so I can have something to do lol! Bye all!
<3 Kallyn

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4th August, 2004. 1:17 am. Poor George

Ok just so you don't forget: I am the biggest nerd on the planet so if you don't like nerdy stuff you best stop reading right now! Ok so I do this thing called role playing (and if you don't know what that is your going to be so lost this whole time). Ok so I have two characters in my rp. Severus Snape (as a 7th year) and a guy in Ravenclaw called Geroge Cooper (and for those of you who have read the Tamora Pierce books don't kill me for steeling the name lol). So my whore-dance friend Emily is also in the same rp as me and she plays Sirius Black (as a 7th year) and a girl named Lianna...something rather. So anyway as you know Sirius and Snape are natural enemies and now George and Lianna are enemies (which is ironic because me and Emily are best friends). So George is a very nice, social person... and he's a thief (please for me Tamora Pierce!)but thats beside the point! So one day he goes a sits at the edge of lake by Lianna and starts to try and talk to her. She freaks out and calls him a Mudblood and kicks dirt on him! Georege doesn't lose his temper very often but when someone insults him like that you best watch out. So he petrifies her and says in an uncharacteristically threatening voice never to call him a Mudblood again and he walks up to the Astronomy Tower. Well Lianna follows him and Lianna... well to say the least she's a Death Eater and has a very short temper, not a good mix. So she meets him ontop of the Astronomy Tower and hits him with a cruciatus curse! And while he is down she hits him with a reductor curse and blows him off the top of the AT!! He would have fallen to his death but she slowed him down, not wanting to commit a murder right under Albus Dumbledore's nose. So she meets him back on the ground and is all like "have you learned your lesson mudblood?" A George is thinking 'screw you demon woman'and when he doesn't answer she hits him with another cruciatus curse (Lianna is such a freaking little $!@&*!&)! So then when she's done having fun torturing him she modifies his memory so he wakes up by the lake aching like mad and can't remember what he had been doing all day. Fortunatly George is a very bright guy and finds out that he had his memory modified and goes to Old D (Dumbledore) to see if he can get rid of it. And right now we are in the process of getting rid of the memory block which ::says sarcastically:: is very fun... So Emily if you read this you suck! Jk lol but Lianna does suck! Evil cunniving little ::breaks off muttering to self:: Ok enough of my nerdy experience for you lol! But if you hate Lianna as much as I do please speak out against her lol!
<3 Kallyn

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2nd August, 2004. 11:42 pm. Toxic

Oh wow... I know now that I have the wierdest friends on the planet. Ok this is what happened: Last night my friends Alex and Emily spent the night and we were all really bored and trying to figure out something to do. So someone suggests that we make what we effectionatly called a "whore dance" to that song Toxic by Brittany Spears. But because I don't dance I just helped direct and coryograph it. So we get going and we stay up untill 5-O-CLOCK IN THE FREAKIN MORNING working on this dance! I mean Alex and Emily would have kept going but my father was waking up and getting ready for work! And I had told them that we were going to go to sleep at a "decent hour" but for me and my nocturnal and incomniac friends 5-o-clock is a decent hour.
But now after all the dancing is done I am sitting at home watching Jackie Chan Adventure (waiting for Family Guy) on cartoon network. I just got back from seeing the Bourne Supremency at the drive in theatre but because I've never seen the first part I didn't really understand it and I was entertaining myself by watching the Village on the other screen. And from what I saw of it, it looked really really stupid... like worse than the Blaire Witch Project because their is this blind woman running through a very rocky, stumpy forest and doesn't trip once! It was like she was physic and could dodge a fallen log that was right in front of her... and the things in the red cloak things looked like they had porcupine quills sticking out of their backs. To say the least it was fun to watch without hearing what the people were saying!

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1st August, 2004. 11:47 am. Quizzy Poo

Well my friend Lexypoo had this thing on her livejournal thing and I said that I would put it on mine! So here ya go:
1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7. Describe me in one word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When's the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? and why not?
15. Do you want me, and if so in what ways (friend, boyfriend, gilrfriend, fuck buddy, fellow ninja, etc)?
16. If you had me would you ever let me go?
17. Is there a song that describes me to you, or about you and me?
18. When you know you're about to see me do you get giddy like a school girl?
19. What physically sticks out the most about me
20. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?
<3 Kallyn

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1st August, 2004. 12:17 am. Hanging out at 12 at night

It is 12:22 in the morning and I love being nocturnal! I mean whats the point of going to bed at a "decent hour" and then being awake to suffer the heat of the day? I say stay up all night when its cool outside and sleep during the hotest part of the day. And besides all the good shows are on at like two in the morning anyway. Go Adult Swim!
Well I just got back from vacation in Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, (you can tell I travel alot) and everywhere inbetween (we had to drive... 5,000 miles!!). It was pretty boring because my family has to go to every...single... historical site they come across. And unfortunatly for me I have no intrest in American history whatsoever... and what really sucks is my mother thinks that because I have no intrest in American history I would have no intrest in European history... and for any of my friends who are reading this you all know how wrong she is! I have to be one of the biggest Midieval nerds on the planet! And also the biggest Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and anime nerd too... Welcome to my life!
Well currently I am watching Sealab2021 and waiting for Inu-Yasha, Cowboy-Bebop and trigun to come on. Once again... welcome to my world. And also trying to figure out what this Hockey Chicken stuff is about... Like I said I've been gone on vacation for a month so I'm a little out of touch with my home town. In other words I havn't been able to see any of the summer movies (aka Spider Man2, King Arthur, Catwoman etc.) which is really ticking me off because I have like three weeks or less to see all of these movies and one of my weeks left of summer vacation shall be spent getting my wisdome teeth removed. Tell me if... if anyone reading this is 15 and has had or will soom be getting their wisdome teeth removed because everyone I know that's had then out was like 17, 18 years old...
But fortunatly I finally got to see the Day After Tomarrow at the two dollar theatre (which has now become the three dollar theatre yet they're deciding to keep their old name... I dunno) and I thought it was ok... kinda hokey in some parts but the special effects were amazing! If you havn't seen it I suggest you see it just for the special effects.. or if you like hokey end of the world stories. Well I'm probably really boring you now (that is if you've auctually read this far and for those of you who have I salute your patronage!) so I'm gonna go and see if I can't find a nice chat room... Bye all!

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